Patrick Weathers

Film and stage actor, singer/songwriter, SNL sketch star and French Quarter art gallery manager Patrick Weathers has a full to the brim creative career as can be imagined in the landscape of American culture. His current album, "Quantum Entanglement”, released in December 2012, is a tour de force of quirky, substantial, timeless, rhythm buoyed country fried rock, with a twist, echoing all the phenomenal roots and toots he's parlayed.

His famed SNL sketch ofDylan visiting Woody in the hospital has had hundreds of thousands of hits and his entire YouTube channel of original music continues to draw immense numbers world wide. And wherever he plays, it's an unforgettable festivity.

Born in Mississippi and wearing well its rich literary mantle, Weathers gravitated to New Orleans when he was 21, where he hooked up with The Meters and opened for them and Professor Longhair as well as Gatemouth Brown on tours in the 1970s. He doesn't want to talk about the Elvis impersonator years on the nightclub circuit but it has to be said that he's got about the best "thankyuhver'much" since The King himself. Which landed him a Broadway role when he got to New York. But though his impersonations are riveting, not to mention side-splitting, Patrick Weathers is, above all, The Real Deal.

So he migrated to the Big Apple where his pursuit of music went astray, right into the fabled sketch writing team of Saturday Night Live, where he created and performed outstanding and hilarious works, combining satire, his musical roots and superb character assimilations. He was hired the same day as Eddie Murphy. He starred in a Broadway show, wrote for the National Lampoon, studied with Lee Strasberg at the Actor's Studio. He hung out with Truman Capote, Jersy Kozinski, Francis Coppola and Robin Williams.

I met him in L.A. where he put together The Timber Sheiks, a popular country-rock band playing his original music. The entire Southern Miss crowd, a big group by then, who made significant inroads into the L.A. movie, music and literary biz, was the core of a huge following that attended legions of Timber Sheik events, including one at the famed Brown Derby. Wherever Patrick Weathers makes music, it becomes a scene. It's uncanny.He's just got that going.

A true son of Dixie, he moved back to New Orleans, to ply his music and brighten up the art scene. And make another CD. Weathers' most recent release, "Quantum Entanglement" is his 3rd CD, after "The Queen Of Tupelo" in 2001 and "Hound Dog Diaries" 2005. "Quantum Entanglement" is his first independently produced and performed album. It features 10 original songs performed entirely by Weathers; all the vocals, instruments and recording production. It is mastered by Steve Himelfarb at Oak Street Recording in New Orleans with cover design by Ty Donaldson and Chris Stone in Los Angeles. "Quantum Entanglement" is a neo/retro musical romp through his remarkable life and times ─and ours─ as it hits resonant beats of drama, rock, Dixie, good times, humor, art and love.

The sound track of the upcoming documentary "The Marines of Khe Sanh" includes songs by Patrick Weathers.

Patrick Weathers' latest major motion picture credits are:

Jerry Cleveland - "Pawn Shop Chronicles"
The Councilman - "The Campaign"
Remy Hebert - "Woman Thou Art Loosed, On The Seventh Day"

One might say he's had quite a time of it, a time he shares with quite some style. I don't sign bios usually. But this guy's music something special.

Ellen Sander

Author, Trips: Rock Life in the Sixties

Poet Laureate, Belfast, Maine

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